Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sri Shobha Raju Dharshanam

Sri Shobha Raju Dharshan:

I went to Tirumala for my relatives marriage, I didn’t plan to go for Swamy

Dharshan, its very crowded as it’s a special day 08-08-08, and CM

Rajashekhar Reddy is also visiting Tirumala on the same day, but still some

where in the corner of the heart, I couldn’t convenes myself the fact that I

cannot go to Swamy Dharshan, it was raining and cold wind is like

unbearable, still I was roaming at the temple premises, Swamy Unjal Seva

started and I heard Sri Shobha raju’s voice in the mike, I couldn’t resist

my self and went closer, but a Police stopped me and said only VIPs are

allowed. I requested him, I just sat on the ground, he didn’t deny me. i was

very happy that I got Sri Shobha raju’s Dharshan, (few years back when Sri

Shobha raju started Annamayya Bhavana vahini in Vizag I participated and got

a great chance to touch her louts feet).I never realize when the concert is

over, everyone is packing-up, Police surrounded to protect her, but I went

in,said Namaskaram Amma, and touched her Lotus feet, I guess Police though

I’m one of her group member and no one stopped me , I followed her till the

cottage. I left Tirumala with My Heart filled with full of joy and satisfaction.