Monday, October 26, 2009

2 States by Chetan Bhagat

2 States by Chetan Bhagat
- ‘The story fo my marriage’

At last I got my hands on 2States, there was a big buzz about this book, I couldn’t even get a copy in Landmark, I’ve enquired couple of sources and everyone promised to get me this book.

I planned to read it in train during travel from Blore to Vizag, as you know traveling for 24+Hrs (+ is because you never know when the Indian Railways lose track, I’m sure you wondered is it a super fast express you boarded or a passenger, and adding to that we have this Telangana issue)

Is boring, and people like me, don’t want to socialize, except there is a good looking girl on next berth (Damn...! I travel many times from Chennai, Blor and Hyderabad to vizag but never find a good looking girl any where near to the boxcar I get into, may be this only happens in Movies that to be with Hero’s).

At last the day (24-Dec-09) of my travel is day up, NO one turned up with this book. I have to buy this book any way. Ranga... The 2nd’s book seller near Forum whom I can bank on... I rushed to him, he said no bhaya shop closed its 9:30PM. I have to say “Cmon boss I want 2States you are getting it or I wont buy any more books from you... “. Book in my hand.

11: 20 PM Bhuvaneshwar Exp started from Blore SBC, turned pages, as cities pass-by.

I reached Chennai, finished reading the book in my mobile light.

Wow.. that’s wonder full, Laugh. Laugh..

Who cares those co-passengers, who gave me a dirty look, while I was reading the book over night and laughing for those comedy scenes.

I liked when he said “worlds most sensible and fool is with in us, you never know who is who”

I felt the same way writer did when I came to Chennai first time, but later once I learned the language and understand the people, I felt good. There is a rhythm in the Chennai chaos.

It’s not quite natural to accept that a Authentic Tamil Bhramin girl was portrayed as Drinker, non-veg eater, uses abusive language and involved pre-marital relations.

F-Word was used more then his pervious books. Looks like writer feels this is the only word to explain or lure reader of diff situations.

The Krish’s Father Character suddenly turns to good. The whole characterization is gone for a toss, the only explanation for this is a Ashram visit in Pondicherry.. Not much condensing.

City guys’ wakeup… is it so cheap to be a Banker... it could be some one’s Dream...

On a whole... Book made me Laugh... Laugh... during a Boring train journey.