Sunday, May 24, 2009

'Laksha Gala Sankeertanarchana' Guinness World Record Certificate with your own name

To get the 'Laksha Gala Sankeertanarchana' Guinness World Record Certificate with your own name, please write a covering letter decalring that you had participated in the event and would like to have a certificate. Please write your name in BLOCK letters as you want it on your certificate. Those who have not already opted and paid for earlier,  Please take a Demand Draft from any Bank in the name of 'SiliconAndhra' payable at Hyderabad for Rs.900/- Please post/courier(ONLY) the letter with DD to the following address no later than June 10, 2009.



Flat No. 203 Sri Harsha Residency

Street No. 6, Habsiguda

Hyderabad - 500007

Andhra Pradesh

Phone Nos. : 040-2717 3399 Mobi: 99892 95939/98494 11102/98494 11103/98660 17955

It would take a minimum of 10-12 weeks to get the certificate to you after June 10th. Please keep a copy of the DD for your records. Please share these details with all your friends, relatives and colleagues who might have participated in this event

Here you can download the Covering Letter to SiliconAndhra

SiliconAndhra Covering Letter

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Laksha Gala SankeertanArchana a Great Success, More then 160,000 Singers, a new Gunnies World Record

అన్నమయ్య సంకీర్థనల కీర్తిని లక్షల గలాలు గొంతెతి , నలుదిసల చాటి . .
ఆంధ్రుల భషాభిమనం క్యతి చరిత్ర పుటలలొ స్వ్ర్నక్షరాలతొ నిక్షిప్తం ఐయింది . .
నెను సైతం లక్ష గలర్చనలొ గొంతు కలిపాను . . . .

Nenu Sitam Laksha Galarchanalo Gontu Kalipanu....

Annamayya Sankeerthana Keerthini , Lakshala Galalu Gontethi , Nalu disala chatai..

Andhurla Bashabhimanam, marlra tana kyatini charitra putalalo swrnakharalato nikshitam iyindi..

i've been following this event since, i got a Mail from Anand Kuchibhotla

I was so exited the way Anand garu spoke to me.

he said "We are going to conduct the event like Andhra Olympics "

since then i've been spreading the message to every one in my circle, out of circle also..

Fwd Mails to my friends in Hyd, Vizag, Tirupati, Eluru, Rajamandy, Chennai, Blore etc..

and was able to ignite many of them..

The way whole event was happened is simple Great..

Its only the Power of Telugu and Annamayya Sankeerthana which enabled this event to happen.
No Even-Managing Company could ever be able to do it..

Annamayya ani ooka telugu vadu pilicinanduku Laskhala Gontulu Palikai..

At the same time, i cant deny the fact that, participants felt uneasy during the Registration, and entry.

I saw Political and Filmy shadows over meeting, undue importance was given to political leaders and Movie crew, rather than Great Singers and Organizers.

Glory of the Stage, which witnessed the whole Event:

watch the whole program videos here :

అన్నమయ్య సప్తగిరి సంకీర్తనలు
1) భావములోన,
2) బ్రహ్మ కడిగిన పాదము,
3) ఎంతమాత్రమున,
4) పొడగంటిమయ్య,
5) కొండలలో నెలకొన్న,
6) నారాయణే నమో నమో,
7) ముద్దుగారె యశోద

You never get to see such a Traditional Event, Everyone in Traditional Andhra Dresses..
marla elati avakasam radu.

my photo came in front page of Eenadu paper ,its me, believe me
ikkada unnadi nene .. nammandi ..

ప్రసంస పత్రం
Appreciation Certificate :

Guinness World Record Certificate: