Sunday, March 13, 2011


డబ్బు మైనస్ డబ్బు - Dabbu Minus Dabbu
By Yandamuri Veerendhranath.
Its a sequel to Dabbu to the Power of Dabbu , But its much more matured then the earlier, as it should be. it as an extra attachment of "How to Earn Money" a gift to readers by Yandamuri.

Yandamuri gave many useful (???) tips on how to earn money with ethics and with out.

having commerce background he used every opportunity to show his knowledge in the filed.
i don't like showing HarshadMehata (The Big Bull) as Hero.

Japenees style of Love Making is very hilarious (Romantic). I say Romance (or more) is high in this Novel then others what i read of Hi's

Yandamuri plays with physiology of reader by

Introducing Gandhi (Hero of Dabbu to the Power of Dabbu / Telugu Movie Chalenge) who says a Writer is who give away all his Intelligent, Money Making Ideas to readers (???).

It gives instant gratification to the reader, how easy it is to earn money and fool people, guess what doesn't help writer much.

Mega Star Chirangivi was a super +.

On a whole its great read...
Comedy, Excitement, Romance, Surprise, Fiction, Brainstorming, etc...