Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let us share Technology

Many of us are working in different technical fields . every one is exposed to some sort of great part of technical world
Here in this blog let us share our ideas and techniques .
You know some thing , I know some thing , everyone knows some thing …
If we all share over knowledge then everyone knows everyting…


  1. Hi any one intrestedt in SAN technology...

  2. hi sekhar iam interested in SAN Technology

  3. 13) What are the different topologies in Fibre Channel?
    a) Point-to-Point
    b) Arbitrary Loop
    c) Switched Fabric Loop

    14) What are the layers of Fibre Channel Protocol?
    a) FC Physical Media
    b) FC Encoder and Decoder
    c) FC Framing and Flow control
    d) FC Common Services
    e) FC Upper Level Protocol Mapping

    15) What is zoning?
    Fabric management service that can be used to create logical subsets of devices within a SAN. This enables portioning of resources for management and access control purpose.

    16) What are the two major classification of zoning?
    Two types of zoning are
    a) Software Zoning
    b) Hardware Zoning

    17) What are different levels of zoning?
    a) Port Level zoning
    b) WWN Level zoning
    c) Device Level zoning
    d) Protocol Level zoning
    e) LUN Level zoning

  4. HI Sekhar , am interested to learn Shell scripting and Automation can u plz update it

    - Thanks