Monday, May 5, 2008

prescribed by the Lord in the Gita:

AtmA tvaM girijA matiH sahacarAH prANAH sharIraM gRhaM

pUjA te vishhayopa-bhoga-racanA nidrA samAdhi sthitiH /

sancAraH padayoH pradakshhiNa-vidhiH stotrANi sarvA giro

yad-yat karma karomi tat-tad-akhilaM shambho tavA-rAdhanaM //


You Lord Shiva are my AtmA; my mind is ambikA, the daughter of the Mountain; my five prANas are the GaNas that serve you; my body is your temple; all my involvement in sensual experience is your pUjA; my sleep is the samAdhi state; my wanderings on my feet constitute Your pradakshhiNa; whatever I talk shall be your praises; whatever I do O shambho, all that shall be a propitiation of You.

Such a dedication of everything at the feet of the Lord is what is prescribed by the Lord in the Gita:

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