Monday, May 24, 2010

Akhanda Sahasra Sankeertanarchana- Adhbutam ga Jarugutunnadi

Akhanda Sahasra Sankeertanarchana @ Vijayawada. Adhbutam ga Jarugutunnadi...

Morning 7 AM - Vijayawada LabdiPeta Sri Venakateshwara Swami Temple nundi NagaraSankeerthana Chesukuntu... TummalaPalli Vari Kshetraya Kalashetram cherukunnamu.

During the Nagara Sankeerthana we happened to meet Anandh Garu and Kavita Prasad Garu. they both appreciated us for attending this event.

After a brief Introduction of the Event, We all sang Saptagiri Sankeerthanalu...

Then Officially the Clock was started. As a proof for the World Record.

Our Team sang at 11PM slot. it was a wonderful experience to sing with the team on stage.

With out Narasimharao garu help i would not be able to be part of this.

Note:They've Announced that the 27th- Lakhsa Govindha Namarchana program was canceled due to security reasons.

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